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Threw the body of a pensioner into a well so that it could not be found: investigation of murder in 2003 completed

The Investigation Department of the Administration of the Investigative Committee for Grodno region completed the investigation of the criminal case on the murder of a pensioner in 2003.

According to the investigation, on the night of September 4, 2003, a report was received about a fire in a residential building in Ivye. At the scene, in a well, the body of a 70-year-old house owner showing signs of violent death was found.

The investigator, with the involvement of specialists of Grodno Region Directorate of the State Forensic Examination Committee, examined the scene, recorded traces of the committed crime, questioned the neighbors and relatives of the pensioner, assigned a number of forensic studies on the seized traces and objects, the results of which were studied and added to the materials of the criminal case. Relatives and acquaintances of the pensioner were checked for involvement in the commission of this crime.

Initially carried out law enforcement intelligence-gathering and investigative activities did not give any results, however, the work of investigators and law enforcement officers continued.  
For a long time, an especially grave crime remained unsolved. From year to year, the investigators returned to the investigation of the criminal case, made attempts to establish witnesses and eyewitnesses of the incident, conducted numerous forensic studies of the material evidence seized in the case.

In September last year, a forensic investigator initiated a revive study of items seized from the scene, taking into account new forensic capabilities. As a result, a human odor traces study was appointed. The ability to conduct this study in the Republic of Belarus appeared only in 2020.

Experts of the Central Office of the State Forensic Examination Committee revealed an individual smell of a 44-year-old resident of Ivye on a brick fragment seized from the scene.
After carrying out a complex of investigative and operational activities against the specified person, it was possible to obtain additional evidence that he had committed the murder.
The man was detained, during the interrogation he told the investigator that in September 2003 he had a conflict with the deceased, in connection with which he hit her head and face several times with a brick. And when he realized what he did, he threw the body of the pensioner into the well so that it could not be found, and for reliability he also threw construction waste there. Then he set fire to her house to hide the traces of the crime and ran away.

With the participation of the accused, a check of his statement was carried out on the spot, where he clearly told and showed the events of September 4, 2003.

When studying the personality of a local resident, it was established that earlier he was repeatedly prosecuted for deliberate crimes, and after the murder he was convicted of possession of narcotic substances.

According to the investigation results, actions of the men were qualified under clauses 2, 6, Part 2 Article 139 (murder of an obviously elderly person with extreme cruelty) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. Pre-trial restrictions in the form of detention were applied to him.

The investigation of the criminal case has been completed, the materials have been transferred to the prosecutor for referral to the court.

Official representative of Administration of the Investigative Committee for Grodno region
Maria Trushinskaya