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U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration invites Belarus' Investigative Committee to sign memorandum

The Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States (DEA) has invited the Investigative Committee of Belarus to sign a memorandum, Chairman of Belarus' Investigative Committee Ivan Noskevich said in an interview with the Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA informs.

“After signing the memorandum with the FBI, the equally important U.S. law enforcement agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration, has also addressed us with a proposal to conclude a similar memorandum of cooperation. This will further contribute to our joint fight against drugs, including their transnational circulation,” said Ivan Noskevich. Thanks to the memorandum with the FBI, Belarus' Investigative Committee has widened its opportunities in the investigation of high-tech crimes in particular.

As for the leniency program for drug traffickers in Belarus, Ivan Noskevich said that it is too early to talk about it. “As for consumers, we agree that it is possible to lower the threshold of sanctions,” he said.

The head of the committee also spoke about digitization issues. The committee is currently busy with the development of the Unified Automated Information System.

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