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Was going to participate in armed conflict. Investigators tell details of detention of one more extremist

The Main Investigative Department is investigating a criminal case against a 20-year-old potential mercenary.

According to the investigation, after reading fake information about special operation in Ukraine, the young man decided to take part in the armed conflict as part of the so-called Kalinovsky battalion. To do this, he registered himself in one of the thematic Telegram channels and declared to the administrator his readiness to take up arms "at first call". But even this did not seem enough to the "ardent fighter for justice". The man voluntarily became a member of the extremist group by joining the "Peramoga" mobilization plan". He proactively contacted administrators of the criminal community and offered his services, expressing a desire to commit illegal actions.

Thanks to the operational work of law enforcement officers, the "mercenary" was detained.

During interrogation, he explained that, being influenced by destructively minded citizens in Telegram chats, he made a rash decision, which he now regrets too much.

The actions of the accused are qualified under the following articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus:

  • Part 3, Article 361-1 (participation in extremist group);
  • Part 1, Article 13 of Article 361-3 (preparation of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus to participation in military operations on the territory of a foreign state without the authorization of the state).
He was remanded in custody.

Investigators once again remind that rash acts sometimes become crimes followed by severe punishment.

Remember that creating an extremist group, or participation therein, as well as promotion extremist activities, is subject to criminal liability.

The Investigative Committee adds that a person who promptly informs State authorities or otherwise facilitates detecting, preventing and suppressing extremist acts is exempt from criminal liability under corresponding articles.

The investigation is continuing.

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