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Working meeting with the representative of UNODC was held in the Investigative Committee

Working meeting with the head of regional program office of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in the Eastern Europe, Zhannat Kosmukhamedova, was held in central office of the Investigative Committee on April 10, 2019.

This office is territorially located in city of Kiev and is responsible for the contracts in the line of UNODC with the Republic of Belarus, Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

At the meeting Zh. Kosmukhamedova got an understanding of functions, powers and authority of the Investigative Committee in the course of prejudicial criminal proceeding, some aspects of cooperation of investigative subdivisions with other Belarusian law-enforcement agencies in process of crime investigation.

The parties noted with satisfaction that the Republic of Belarus is the member of all multilateral counter-drugs agreements, as well as UN conventions against corruption and transnational organized crime with three protocols, which amend it.

Where it is required, the Investigative Committee uses mentioned international instruments as the ground for rendering of mutual legal assistance in criminal cases.

During the meeting the prospective lines of cooperation regarding crime and corruption prevention, the possibility of participation of representatives of the Investigative Committee in different activities, held under the aegis of UNODC were also discussed.

It was understood to proceed with keeping working contacts between the Investigative Committee and regional program office of UNODC in the Eastern Europe on the issues of mutual interest.

International-legal department 
of the Investigative Committee
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